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This is another great book is this wonderful series. It's engagingly written, easy to absorb and a compelling story. If you are interested in this era or president, this is a great book to have.

"IT" Has been referred to as so many people's favorite book; maybe my expectations were too high. It was good but not great.

Good book worth reading. Helpful for anyone who has lost a loved one and curious about life after death and God.

This is a good book for the wicked woman that love a good wicked fairy tale before bedtime or to share with a lover.

Good book for the summer to keep up with math skills. We bought the same grade that my daughter completed.

Great book. It gives a lot of information, and it explains exactly what you are going thru at each week of pregnancy. Plus, it clues you in on what to expect for vaginal births, c sections and bringing baby home. As a first-time mom, I highly recommend :)

Very good book, well written and a nice new approach. Great ending. Highly recommend reading I hope the next books are as good

Nobody can tell the story like a fighter pilot. He can tell you what the take off is like, everything that happens before touch down....Good book

Diane ad always what a great book, with all your little twists and turns. Holds interesr till the very end. Keep writing such great books.

this was a great book. i like the chemistry between the two. They knew from the begining that there was something. Grandma was a trip!! this definately was a good read.

Love all the recipes, Its a great book for the chocolate lovers, but specially for the nutella lovers. I recommend it

It started out a fair book but now it had gottin to be a good story. It isn,t my best book, but as I got into it I like better and glad I stayed with it.

Wonderful book. Made me feel that I was there in the stadium, and throughout the entire process. It is a wonderful story about great people, and its TRUE!!Must read!

Its a very good book, I like all of Jinx's books so far, we have a home in the Sea of Cortez and know all the places she talks about and most of the people so its fun to read, very good plot and story line...

What a great book. I will never look at my dogs the same way again. Merle I wish I could have met you.

Wow, I thought that I would hear all the common sense recommendations that I've always heard but I truely learned many new original ideas. It's a thicker book then I expected but I read it in two days of constant reading. I couldn't put it down. I'm in the process of setting up my office using his methods. Fantastic book! So glad I found it.

Too many photos showing too many interesting possibilities! A very good book concerning clay decoration. Very inspiring.

Good book. Very interesting and informative in ways. The author is vague in some parts but that is understandable. A+

Great book, love it, Im almost finish with it, love the other two, its a great book, long but great

good vividly written that i could hear the gory process of foot binding. makes one remember that we truly never really know someone or understand their motives.

This is a great book with a lot of information. It is definitely worth adding to your bookshelf at home.

Definitely not what I was expecting. But a good book nonetheless. It kept me wanting more. I had trouble putting it down.

Great book a must have for any "prepper" or good fundamental information to help keep you and your family alive when the Schumer hits the fan.

With clear concise examples of how to change telling into showing, this is one of the best books on the topic that I've ever read.

For young people no matter what the age to lose a child is devastating. They had the misfortune to lose several. I am a grandmother of four adult grandchildren and I cannot imagine the lose that one feels at this time. A very touching book.

Best book I've read in a while. Suspenseful, thrilling, tender and full of wonderful twist. Down to earth with a fairy tale quality.

This is a great book.It has murder though,and many complicated words.This story is nearly impossible.You'll probably enjoy it.

What a great resource. Enlightening and well written and very understandable. The best book on gender I've found to date.

This was a great book, it just took a little bit to get into it, but once you do it is hard to put down.

It was a fairly good book but i was expecting more, I mean the climax was stabbing a bunch of people with pens. If it wasnt clancy it would have been better even though the plot was simplistic.

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