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This was purchased for my seven year old grandson and he loves it. It's a good book for youngsters learning to read who have so many questions.

Very good read my granddaughters enjoyed the story. It's a very, very good book.It was a very great book because of the pictures when he saved the princess .The pictures look very,very

Waverly is an inspiration for all single women. She let's us be happy and not care that we are still single. Being single and over 30 is okay and why not enjoy the freedom to live as you want. This story will let you remove the guilt that others try to place on you because your still single. GREAT book. Going to get the next book to continue enjoying the Waverly life.

Great book if you are into shapeshifters and the paranormal. I love these stories, they are well written and the characters are really good together. A must for your paranormal collection

This 2nd book is better than the 1st and has a lot of potential. I would like to see more development in the romance front but overall a good book and funny.

fantastic love story great book!.storyline was much better than I expected to be it was just a really good book

this is a great book that is really for everyone not just teens. a great fast read that is full of history.

It was a very good book from the beginning to the end. I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys suspense f the beginning to the end.

This is a very good book and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the subject matter. Give it a try and learn a lot.

WOW! What a great read. I was hopping for a great book and you delivered. And as usual I wasn't ready for this one to end either. Now waiting for number seven.

great book, a must for people who want to go grid tied solar. great and thorough explantions. would highly reccomend.

I chose this rating a very good book.I like the story a good paranormal mystery.I will refer to friends.

What a great book a real page turner. This story just gets better and better you will not want it to end.

Although I didn't keep this one, it really is a great book. Asks really good questions and has spot for family tree.

I read this a long time ago, so I don't remember a lot about it, but I did write down that it was a good book and with reading.

Great book can not put it down. Keeps you entertained. would love to see more joe dillard series. Keep up the good work Scott

Good book looking forward to part 3. Brielle needs counseling for real. Everything and everybody can't be that bad. Job welcome!

I have read just about everything by this author, and I must say this time she did not dissapoint. It was a great book! I found it hard to put this one down, in fact it was hard to even put it down when it was time to go to bed, so you know that's a good book! Highly recommend reading.

This is one of my favorite books with excellent stories many of which have had a profound effect on my attitude towards spirituality. Highly recommended!

What a wonderful book for all ages. I suggest it for any child three and over. It set's out the true meaning of love and portray's many of life's lessons, particularly environmental issues and caring for the earth and nature. Wonderful illustrations. I've already bought several issues to give to people I love.

This was a great book what a great way to end a the trails and the the whole punch line is great who ever has not read sorry but to teal you is that rat man aka janson has the flare and WICKED created it.

Amazing book!!! It was really good and definitely gets You hooked. Was my favorite book before I was even halfway through! Can't wait for the movie!

Quick read....great book! Would recommend for all to read. He is an inspiration and hopefully will have continued success for the rest of his career!

I love BIRDS, this is a very beautiful book to keep

Beauty and Betrayl by Sincere is a good book. This is the author's first book and she did a good job with a good story line.The characters Keisha, Tameka and Sherrie will take you on a ride as they learn that nothing is off limits when it comes to love, money and power.

a good overall book i think it would be much better to attend one of his seminars... but if you dont have the time or the money... this is a great start. some ideas are rehash... but some are different, overall a good book, it doesn't just wet the appetite but gives some substance.

Another good book. An older man with a love for good looking younger men and an impressionable young man is Scott. I see both of their reasons for being together.

I could have spent a month reading this great book but I liked it so I raced through it.Don't do that! Take your time and let her take you on a very great journey.

This is a solid book. Goes right into the problem and offers the ultimate solution. It is an easy read. I enjoyed the message. Great book for everyone.

Good book but I didn't like the ending. It should have ended better. But it was worth reading. Enjoy it.

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