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Very well-written, although sometimes the narrative seems too adult to be coming from a 16-year-old. The tale is very disturbing; the main character is often out of control. Still, the events, however stark, are within the realm of believability. A good book.

Great book for children. The author does a great job teaching children the importance of brushing their teeth and what bacteria can do. Easy to read for young children.

What a wonderful book and what a wonderful father to take the time to put his sons dreams on paper. It was a great read and I passed it on to others.

This is an excellent book on Healing. A unique outlook on things.A good book for ministers or lay people interested in healing or in the healing and inner healing. Especially good for those in ministry.

A great sequel to an already great book. I am pleased with how this ends, is a good read for all.

I was wary of it at first, but it eventually proved itself to be a great book. I loved it

This was a great book great characters! I am looking forward to reading more in this series can't wait for to start the next one!

A good book for young imaginations. I loved the art which is always a huge draw for me. It's wonderful to hook in children to the wonders of words and the adventure of reading.

I will definitely read this trilogy again, it had so many ups and downs. I could not put it down. Great books.

I think its a good book about a good change this person, but after a few chapters it not interesting anymore. ... sorry. good reading but not great.

Great book. Made it able to really identify with the main character and with her compulsions. I found the start a bit confusing in terms of the different timelines but maybe that's the downside of kindle not being able to flick back through pages! Well written and a real page turner although I was hoping for a more convoluted ending.

Yes, Chef: A MemoirThis is by far, one of the very best books that I have read to date. Marcus took the reader on a genuine journey.

If you believe that you can fall in love the first time you meet someone...believe you have an immediate connection for some reason...feel that little zing when you touch, then this is a great book to read. Characters are not fully developed; however, you are still pulled into their story. Enjoy this read when you need to relax.

Great book. Couldn't stop after 1 had to go for the entire enchilada!

this is great book to learn and see what you can create with collage and layers of paper to get a wonderful textured creation

Nice pleasant read. Gives you a good feeling. Not too much substance, but a feel good book for sure. I enjoyed the easy read

This is a great book and the beginning of a short series. My teenage daughter and I could not put it down! We love the mystery, the alusions to clasical lit., the values and the romance!

Good book start to finish. Want to read more of HM`s books in the series. Hope they are as interesting.

Very good book I wish it was longer but overall it was good. Yes I will be reading the next book I have to find out what Natasha is up to lol

What a wonderful book. From an Americans perspective living in Germany at the early stages of the Nazi rise to power. An introduction to the people and the players from the perspective reluctant American diplomat and his family on the scene of one of the worst times in history.

Great book, even if it not as spicy as many of the time period. The adventures and the main characters keep you turning pages!

good book, brought anouther in the series. will keep a look out for more book by this author and series.

A beautiful book about learning to love again. It was emotional and full of amazing characters. This is the perfect kind of book to make you feel good.

Good book to read around the Christmas holiday to get your heart and mind ready to celebrate the Saviors birth.

A good book all together, however, too much emphasis on Jimmy dying. That part got too repetitive. I would have enjoyed more info on Numi and Jimmy 's friendship.

How cute!!! Modern women and gorgeous Scotsman....really good book....Now where is Keith's story?? And I love a man in a kilt.....

An absolutely beautiful book. Well written, interesting, excellent story. GGK is a fantastic writer. Most of his books aren't for people who like simple reads though, so keep that in mind based on your own reading style.

I was sure I knew what was going on, and who were ghosts or live people, but I was wrong. Great book that keeps you guessing

You know when you're reading a GOOD book when you can't put it down until you get to the last page, yet you never want it to end.I loved everything about it and can't wait to read more of the author's work.

this was a great book. the intro of nimor was a great addition. the wizard battle between gromph and the lich dyr was a great addition to an already great book.

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