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This is a good book for a homeowner to get the basic concepts of electrical. Pretty elementary--which is good if you need to understand the basics.

This is a great book that I think everyone should read. Someone recently put me on to this author and I cannot wait to read son=me of his other works.

This is a good book about an elf who finds his place in the world of elves by helping to save Christmas. A good Christmas book with the kids. Good for 3-6, i would say. It may even be a little long for a 3 yr attention span.

Easy, relaxing reading. Nothing deep or thought provoking, but good beach reading. A good book to take on vacation or short trips.

This was a required book that our piano instructor had us get for our daughter. She knows how to play the piano now so I guess its a good book!

a great book on past history ......again I believe that everyone should read the past because history repeats itself and we never now when it will occur!

This is the latest book from this author and really keeps you going. I enjoyed every page of this fantastic book and hated to finish it. I wanted more. Keep it up Joe!!

This was a very good book. I wish it had come out first it would have made the first book easier to understand.

I know that this is just my opinion. It is a nice book but I didn't like how it ends

This is probably the best book in the zombie apocalypse genre! The characters are believable. The action is heart stopping. The realness of the emotions are enough to bring you to tears. The author has a humor that causes you to bust out laughing in the face of horror.These books make you constantly think while reading" "what would i do if i was in this position?" Please get these books!

Promise of the rose is one of the best book ever written! Brenda joyce is truly a remarkable writer. Lots of praise to Brenda for writing yet another great book!

Jackie you wrote a very good book. I love how this family looks out for each other. Why you leave me hanging at the end? Hurry up with pt2.

This was a good book. I read it on a whim but it turned out better than I thought it would be. I recommend it.

Wonderful book for anyone who thinks that their child should be drugged. Putting a child on ADHD drugs is the very last thing that any parent should ever consider.

Great book for pre-teens and teenagers. It is fast-paced, filled with plot twists and intrigue and appeals to a broad reader base.

This is one of the great books of the english language. The characters are real and you feel each of their highs and lows. This is a must read for everyone

I bought the Kindle version of the Clementine books to inspire my grand daughter to read more. She is very busy going back and forth to her father's and mother's - With her Kindle she has her favorite books and games all together in 1 easy package.

One of the most gorgeous game guide's I've ever seen. It is well written and really beautiful book about a really beautiful and trippy game.

I can't wait for the next Pendergast book already!! It was great to have Corrie back again and I think Bowdree will also make for an excellent character in a future novel. One of the best books in the series by far.

The beginning was a bit slow but once she meet Alex and Cole, I couldn't put it down. Super good book. She also cries a lot which can be a bit irritating.

Well this was good book. I'm just a little confused on how its written. There is stories about "Burke" in many different spots is it the same "Burke" in all of them? Just a little confused on that...but overall a good book great to read..

I'm sure it is probably a good book, but I spent so much time looking up the meaning of all the british slang (ex brolly) that I lost track of the story line and gave up.

This is a good book for when it was written (1930's). There are some others that are a little more up-to-date and a little easier to read.

great book and since i am a cat lover it will be read and re read. mysteries and cats are always connected in my mind

I remember this being one of my favorite books as a child. I bought it for my 2 year old nephew for Christmas. The bear is very small, but for under $10 I didn't really expect it to be big. The included book is a hardcover, which is a plus!

This is a nice book for all those who are interested in made-up languages. It has a lot of made-up languages listed.

September is just too far away! Great book...great characters ...luv the attitudes.......and seriously luv Sinjin! That man deserves his own series...I mean really....I like Rand but he's no Sinjin lol Thank you for writing and sharing your vision with us!

It's definitely quite beauty delicious reading. I've learned quite a few skin related things I didn't know. Great book.

This is a good book for information, but the story line is hard to follow - too many facts. Also, starts very detailed and then the end seems rushed through. It was very interesting to read, but it won't be one that I keep. Again, really good for facts about Russian history during this time and Russian royalty.

Loved the way that it was written, before and after. 'Easy' was a serious tear jerker when we found out about Landon's mum. To read what he went through not only within himself but with his dad and school made us see why he was the broody protective guy in 'Easy'. One of the best books I have read this year.

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