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Good book. Good for younger children. Not a lot of words, so older children may get bored.

one of the best books I have read for a while, could not put it down,he tells of real life and problems . I Don't know where he gets his stories from, but they are all different and fantastic. So sorry we have lost a great author.

I really like this series. They are good books with people who fall in love and are happy plus lots of sex and hot guys

great book for downton abbey fans. it has info on BOTH seasons, great pics and bios...lot's of back story. plenty of comments from the actors, and a history of the places/homes used in the filming

Good book to read. Had me totally engrossed into it and made it hard to put down. Well worth reading with plenty of suspense.

another great book for you to read ms Madison please don't stop writing this series I keep saying this but can't wait for you to write the next one

A good book for sure. Started out a little slow but took off, I lost track of time reading it lol

A good book but not as good as the other two. It ended up with a good ending but I didn't like the first half.

This is a very good book and I want to read the next one. Just have to see what happens next!

Good book. A little more predictable than most of this author's books, but still an enjoyable read. Recommend to mystery buffs.

Mateu-Mestre's book deserves much more attention than it gets. I think that's because so few artists understand what pictorial composition is and that it, and it alone, creates the mood, the tone of voice and the emotional message of your pictures.This is one of the best books written about this difficult-to-master aspect of professional art.

Dorie : Woman of the Mountains was a very, very good book. I really enjoyed reading it, would highly recommend it.

Pretty good book. I think I may try to read the next one in the series too. Kept me occupied.

Wonderful book! I read it in three days because I couldn't put it down! I just needed to find out what happened in the end!

Love it you would read it it is good book for kids and adolts too have fun reading it Jesus loves you

A great book with a nice balance of pictures (including some full page) and informative text about, well...about nature!

Very enjoyable to read and use. I prepared several recipes to take on a vacation and was delighted that they held up and traveled well. Thank you Tammy for another great book that I can use over and over again.

I think that one review for all 4 books is enough. Wonderful references for everything connecting with quilting. Good books for the coffee table also.

This was a wonderful book of Elijah's journey through eyes of today. It has been a great encouragement for me.

Great book! Loved the characters. I would recommend it to my werewolf loving friends in a heart beat!! XD :)

It is a good book, very intertaining and compeling story from beginning to end. Friendship and family as it should be but not very offend in the real world.

Great book by a great man who understood socialism very well and wrote in a way that even egnorant people had a great understanding of the evils of socialism after reading his book

Very cute creations, good instructions, I think this is a very good book. I would recommend beginners to get a little experience with increasing and decreasing stitches before trying out any of the patterns.

I loved KOBAN and can't wait for book 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.....What a great start to a series. Original, action packed, adventurous, great character development, an awesome foe. Every thing you want in a great book.You know what, It is time to re-read the first book.

This is an eye-opening story. I felt like I was there! Great book if you like real life stories of survival.

This is a great book! We just go it yesterday and we have already read it at least a dozen times. It's got color skills, counting, right and left. My three year old just thinks it is a super fun book!

This is also a very good book if you are going into the therapy field … we did go through this and it was amazingly helpful

A great book about how one can develop instant willpower that i will surely refer back to time and time again. It is fantastically written and contains many strategies that i will implement into my life right away!Overall i would highly recommend this to all!

It was a great book letting one know something about almost every existing cult in the world. It expesses 'why' we are christians. Over the years I've had to order more than a couple copies for friends. Highly recommended.

Very enjoyable to read and use. I prepared several recipes to take on a vacation and was delighted that they held up and traveled well. Thank you Tammy for another great book that I can use over and over again.

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