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This was such a good book, I read it from start to finish in a day. I just want to know...when is she going to write her next one??

It's was such a good book. It had length to it so it was more interesting . There should bet a sequel!!!

a good book that in the beginning I didn't know if it would work for me. The reason was the dark witch, the spells and the magic,but in the end I wanted to see where the characters ended up. I'm not sure at this moment if I will read book 2.

Not as great as the first one but still pretty good. My sons favorite books so far. He was so happy for bed time.

This was a really good book! The first in the trilogy -- I had already read the last two books, and needed this one to see how it had all happened. I recommend it to anyone who likes good paranormal fiction.

Great book. It does get heavy at times but in the end it is so worth it. There is a good love story in here but its not the focal point either.

Good book. Many layers to unravel. Switch of emotions between the two brothers. The fall and rise of the success but she stayed grounded

A great book for everyone...very interesting views regarding personality...everyone will get a real clear picture of the ins and outs of you

Great book! Well written and very emotional while staying in the realm of reality. Relatable, likeable characters that you become invested'll be thinking about this one long after you read the last page

This is great book that really explains the benefits of having high levels of testosterone. The author goes in-depth to detail the different types of testosterone and how it effects the human body. A great book if your looking to natural ways to boost up your test levels!

Very good book!

great book

Pretty good book worth reading. Gives you some different ways of looking at and evaluating marketing. Not a traditional marketing book.

Yet another good book. All the stuff Simone has done is crazy and it's messing up people's lives and she's okay with it and now look where she's at. Left us on the edge for the next one.

Great book! Love the recipes, something unique! Cannot wait to try them all...Excellent suggestions for delicious smoothies! Nice combinations of healthy ingredients.

This is a good book to help someone start to clean up their diet and start to eat right. I think you'll love it.

It talks about way of doing money, formats, text, all those source of things, you need to know to start building your own strip. Its one of my favorite books.

I would read it again. It kept your interest from the beginning to the end. One of the best books I've ever read.

What a wonderful book about how two Amish women have so much love in their heats to help other Amish people who are less fortunate, who need help to get out of abusive situations. And one of the women finds love for the 2nd time. Easy read, one you do not want to put down. Vanetta' s Novellas are so easy yo bread, you feel as if you could place yourself right in the middle her book.

For anyone who is a dog-lover, this is a great book. An easy read, with great sensitivity. The coincidences that seemed to simply present themselves were amazing!

This was a very good book with a interesting ending. The author is a great writer and I can not wait to read the next book.

I always love a good book. This one is great in describing the 3 degrees of Glory. I liked it.

Another great book by and community are always a central theme in her books -should be more of that in the real world.

Very good book. The characters & the rolls they play & the setting are life like. The author did a great job portraying the events in a manor that will keep you on the edge of your seat & wanting more.

A feel good read with some pretty amazing gems of wisdom. My favorite was when she talked about being back in Missoula was like seeing the features of your friend in their new baby. This was a good book.

Pretty good book - explainations are clear but not real detailed - I wish she covered more of the actual knitting procedures than all the patterns.

Great book for with lots of research. If you are interested in this type of building you will find it helpful.

This is a great book if you're new to the idea of unschooling. It explains how it all works very well and I liked the commentary from real unschooling families.

this was a good book to read . free download. interesting, kept my attention the whole time. good book. free download

This was pretty good book. A sad story line involving the kidnapping of a child. Well written and good outcome.

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