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Good book.Good pictures.Good reading for kids.Love it.And it is for Christmas what else could you ask for.Thank you for selling it

A very good book with characters that happen to not be blonde. That is not the point but rather just happenstance. The story is good. The illustrations are nice.

Best book EVER!!!!!!! I was hooked from the first page, I can't wait to read the rest of the series!

Nouwen writes an insightful book on prayer. Great stuff! One of the best books on prayer that I have read!

Where were these guys in college? Probably in some obscure corner of the campus cracking each other up. What a great book that simultaneously reminds you of some classic jokes (or introduces new ones), while also zeroing in on the key philosophical ideas of human thought. A great book that merits more than one reading. And you get jokes besides!!

Great book ! Couldn't put it down. I read it in one sitting till 2am. Great story and look forward to another one.

I've loved the blow hole boys for a while! There's are hands down Tabathas best books! And holy crap the little black book teaser? Or sneak peek whatever you want to call it it's simply INCREDIBLE!

This was a great book. I love how she is instantly attracted to him but holds backs. quick read with some hot and steaminess. Check out my blog for more reviews

I read this as a young child but have re-read it many times. It gets better with each reading. Recommend this highly for both young readers and adults also. It is a feel good book and we all need those sometimes.

This is a great book to share with a young adult male that needs encouragement. Fourteen is an awkward age, they need all the positive heroes they can get.

is a good book, the story is not new, but is good, the issue is in book #2, all the good work done in book 1 and almost all book 2 comes undone... a shame!

This is a good book. We wanted to introduce this to our grand daughter before going to a mother's day out program. It is a little wordy at first so it took her several tries to actually stick with it to the end. Love it.

I read what a wonderful book this was and was eager especially to see the illustrations. It's ok. The illustrations are nice but very traditional. You might see better at a tattoo parlor.

I feel like this is a must read for everyone. Really a wonderful book. I definitely recommend it. Very educational and interesting.

Great book, the only time I stopped was when the battery on my Kindle died. Finished in two days, couldn't put it down. Well written, surprise ending.

Learned lots of new information that I didnt know about email marketing and income streams. great book. would recommend to anyone.

Great book, both Payton and Garrett have things in their past and are trying to move on, when they find each other it gets very interesting!!! You'll love it!

Good book. Would recommend it to anyone who read that genre. A little bit strange but, sometimes hard to follow. Would not reread.

What could have been a great book wound up a disappointment. Many inconsistencies starting with Sookie not being able to read Sam's thoughts when she could always do so in all the previous books. Book ended abruptly, and it left me wanting more. Read all the reviews before reading this myself, so I only read this out of an obligation to finish the series I started.

Really good book for it to be her first!! Can't wait for more from this author!! Hope I won't have to wait long!!

great book and fast read. I read within a day it is only a couple of hundred pages. read it.

This picked up perfectly from the first book. About to get part three now. I love this series. Great book!

This was a really great book. An interesting start to a series. In some instances I felt behind as the story started a couple of years after. There was some fill in to help you understand as it moved a long but you didn't get it all till nearly the end. I understand why now but during the story it was frustrating. Some good action and interesting characters.Looking forward to book 2.

I think it's a great book, but a six-teen year old falls in love with a eight-teen year old. Its just weird to me.

Good book. Simple to read and interesting insight to the Amish lifestyle. I have read the whole series of Annie's People.

Such a great book!! The ability to be strong and grow so fast as Cade is amazing.. But at the same time weak.. The connection of Ever and Cade thru letters is mindblowing.. So ready to read the next book.

I gave it 4 stars because it was not up to the authors usual standards but still a great book

Just not worth the money when there are other great books out there! Amazon rules so check it out! Ready set go!

Something I had never thought about - how the people who were so close to ground zero coped with the horror they experienced and what it did to the rest of their lives. A really good book about how to get through our everyday lives and deal with our problems head on.

It was an interesting premise. I enjoyed if and the characters were likable. Good book and it was left open for book two.

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