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I thought it was a good book. To bad it didn't continue into a series..but it held my interest to the end. Had me guessing who did it..

Mr.DeMeo write a great book of his beloved father.And about the way of life he chose.They are not all monsters that most books and movies have you believe.But men who go a diffrent and difficult path.He tells of the way he once wanted to be like his father but chose a diffrent road.

I really enjoyed this story! It was a fun and easy read! I wouldn't consider it my favorite book but I liked it.

great booki love paranormal book the charecters were good and the story linee was good too hope to find more

What a great book!!! I could not put it down and I did not want it to end, catch 22. I have found a new book boyfriend in Gavin and I actually didn't hate Emily and that is saying a lot. I can not wait for book 2, team gavin all the way!!!

It started off slow in a getting to know the storyline kind of way,then picked up as I got into it. I bought the the entire seriesjust to see what happened next. In fewer words, this is a verygood book and you will be pleased with your purchase. Ipage-turner all the way. Worth it. Enjoy!

This is a good book, it takes a little bit to get started but after it is a hot book.

This is a good book for learning Perl, but it might not be the best for beginners. It goes a little fast.

Great book. The author does a great job of helping the reader understand the mind set of the ancent world.

I especially enjoyed reading about the traditions of the Amish and their religion and differences in their religion. Good book.

This was a great book and I enjoyed it very much. Very clever way that the murderer was able to do the murder.

One of the best books I've ever read. Sheesh, who needs television with this kind of stuff in print.

This is a beautiful book. The characters are well written and I could feel them, the angst, fear and wonder. It has an amazing twist that adds to the richness of the story.A beautiful and heartwarming story of redemption.

What a wonderful way to be reminded of God's great love for all people. There is great insight, wonderful humor and poems that articulate Love spoken from the very heart of God in this wonderful book.

Great writer and a great book to read on a gloomy rainy day.Down load it in seconds. And your on you way to a great get away experience.I would read it again..

This was a good book. Lengthy spots with almost too much info and at times not enough info. I would've thought this would be really scary but most of the time to me it was just going back n forth. Story had potential and seemed to fizzle out. Disappointing. It had a couple of photos...would have liked to seen more n a definitive ending would have given closure.

Great book for upcoming teens who are athletic and want to succeed in their sport! Shows us how to stay with our passion.

This is such a good book! I really enjoyed the ending, where all the questions you've had the whole book are answered. The only reason I did not give this a 5 star rating, is because at some parts, it was confusing. I would day this would be a good book for the 11-13 age category.

I have read every Bosch book, love the character. Would gladly recommend to anyone who likes a continuing character. A great book!

What it must look like to be inside his brain! Another good read, got a little confused on one part, but overall a great book. But don't forget to finish up with Prayers for Rain, it's greatness!

Fantastic book! Very comprehensive. I'm thoroughly enjoying reading it and have picked up some helpful tips for some common beginner problems.This gives you a little of everything. A keeper in my craft room for sure!

Vary good book keeps u trying to find out more about what's going to happen and if they are going to Fox's the world

Interesting to read how she moved her land into something more productive than grass and decoration. It is a good book for someone considering doing the same to their yard. We use our property as a symbol of status instead of the asset, the growing medium that it is. I have never understood a lawn and never will unless there are sheep grazing on it and most villages or cities won't allow that.

This is really a great book and should be in every woman's library!!! There are so many categories in addition to cleaning; manners for every occasion, cooking, table settings, etc.

Very good book, nice length! I think it could have been better if they got to the root of the mother and daughter conflict!

Delivered wireless to my Kindle. This is a good book without vulgarity. It is well-written and has a good plot.

this is a great book about 'her' and her life and how she got started. Mentions of Savannah and other areas. I would say it is written for adults.

FANTASTIC book! Found it very hard to put this one down. If you liked FSOG or the Crossfire series--you will love this. It comes highly recommended!

This is one of those cute books. It deals with the basic prince in the pauper story, well, with a twist. Instead of being the prince and the pauper, it is the movie star and the normal lower middle class...and they end up in love, and in a bundle of trouble. It is a great book, and should be read by any who like cutsy books.

This was a great book. I couldn't put out down. If you liked the first book, will love the second book.

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