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Great book that really pulled at my heartstrings this time. I have become more attached to all the characters as the series has progressed except Clarissa. Oddly enough, I thought Jonathan/Sebastian might be correct about her.

This is absolutely the best Paleo information/cookbook I have read! I highly recommend it to anyone seriously interested in this life changing way of eating. Every recipe I have tried has been tasty and good. Great book!

I loved it one of the best books I have read and would recommend it to all my friends thanks

Finished it in a day could cockpit it down.. very good. From beginning to end. One of ny favorite books

This is a wonderful book! Before you begin, be sure to have free time. Intelligent people can NOT put this story / history down.

I find myself fascinated by supernatural books. I love getting lost in the story and finding myself on edge with what comes next. This is a good book and kept me wanting more the whole time. Can't wait for more Raven.

Pretty good book, had a hard time getting into it for some reason . But not one that I could not put down.l.p.

This was a great book. It is really well written and the story moves well. Can't wait for the next one.

This was a very good book! I enjoyed it and highly recommend reading it for your enjoyment! A good read!

This was an excellant read from begining the end.It had everything I look for in a really good book! I was hard pressed to put it down.Cmouse

Great book! Was a very good read, interesting characters. Few twists you didn't expect with a happy ever after. Looking forward to more books!

If you love food and words, this is the best book to read. A great reminder to savor each bite of life.

Wonderful book. I look forward to more of Ron's books. An excellent job! very good character development, excellent writing and no historical mistakes!

It is a great book and the main character has to develop not only her skills but also her mentality towards good and evil. An extremely intriguing book.

Fantastic book! This vibrant creative book brings cooking into the modern age. Can’t wait to try the many tantalizing recipes. And, use a slow cooker while camping!

This is such a good book. Tori has filled it with romance, drama, a little angst, and a touch of mystery. The characters are complex, as they learn to let go of the past, and embrace the future.

This is a wonderful book and sort of seems a Halloween book because of the colors, but it is delightful and we love to read it and it has a little spooky parts in it and my grandkids love it. Like some magic. Must for your library for children

This was an ok read. Not the best book on the subject and not the worse. It just reads and feels a little spammy.

Very good book.

I love to read anything from St.John and she has done another wonderful job. Thea and Booker are great characters. As the reader you can easily put yourself into the shoes of St.Johns characters, which is what I think makes her such a great writer. Not my favorite book by St.John but a great read!

I have read all of Sanford's books and enjoyed each and every one. That said, I think this one stands above them all. So tense it was at times tortureous. My wife who has never read any of his books read this and is now reading them all. This guy gets better with age and his storylines are fresh even when dealing with the past. Great book all around.

This is one of her best books. The characters are well defined and the plot and subplots are well thought out.Her descriptions made me feel like I could smell and feel the south. A can't put down book.

Wow! Thank you for such a wonderful book. What a believable world and characters. I fell in love with it all. I am so happy that the story of these characters will continue. I look forward to learning more about them and am thrilled at the chance to get better acquainted with others.

This story takes the fairy tales we all know and love and incoporates them into a great story about a main character we've never heard of before now. It captivates you from the very first chapter. Great book.

If you are thinking about medical school this is a great book to have. It lists all the different MD schools and what they require, the stats from the school, community surroundings, school info and contact. If you are thinking about a DO school, the information is available online. Just google.

This is great book with terrific designs in it. Now, if I can just get as good as these are we will be doing fantastic.

rosetta and fawn decide to each spend a day doing the things that make the other happy so on rosettas day they do fancy, girlie stuff and on fawns day they do outdoorsy stuff its really hard for rosetta but she does well good book

This is a really good book, with good characters and good writing but it did not reach out and put me there. It is good enough to want to read the next book just to see if I missed the grab me moments.

This is a nice book. If you are looking for a good breakdown on what to look for when buying you may find it here. It talks about many types of stones and jewelry, but not enough in some areas.

This is a great book for discipline and self evaluation. Very easy read. Short chapters so can be read quickly

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