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This was such a very good book, but, it was very sad. I was so hoping that the little girl would find her brother safe. I couldn't bring myself to give this five stars only for that reason.

Well worth the money. Many illistrations and detailed instructions on how each position should feel and how u each should move. Lots of information on y sex is important and just a great book!!

Hello ReadersThis was a pretty good book.I like it very much,I don't why the price jump up to a $100.00 dollars,that must be a joke,anyways great book and plot.

Great book and writing but unfortunately very dated now. If I had read this 30 years ago, I probably would have been very impressed.

This is a feel good book for people of all ages. You just wish that people could related to each other as Suryia and Roscoe do.

its funny to read history from the bad guys point of view they are always poor misunderstood victims a good book

This is a great book and kids enjoy the events. It is very stimulating and funny. We read it over and over again. Enjoy!

This a difficult topic of betrayal and how it affects everyone involved. There were times that I didn't like what I was reading because of how it made me feel - that told me it was a great book! I would most definitely recommend!

A good book, a very good book it kept me reading until I was done. I enjoy a good romance book anytime.

One of my all time favorite books :) Just the right amount of sexiness...hahaha and a great plot/way of writing as well!

We are planning a trip to Spain. Backroads of Spain has been a great book to help plan the trip and drive around the country. Full of really useful information. Concise, great photos, maps, etc. Love it!!

Great book; I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good character develment and plot, depicting a not very favorable aspect of our history

a great book for any survival /emergency/prepper librarywould recommend it highly, great info , a must have bookfor any type disaster

This is a wonderful book. Several great sections with lots of information.Many areas gave me great incites to myself and others in my family.

Another great installment in this series. This is probably my second favorite book in the whole series. I couldn't put it down!

Good book, but it gets very complicated - hard to keep up with the characters. Most of Ludlms books have lots going on and lots of characters, but this one is difficult to follow until about 1/2 was trough.

This I is not the best book I've read but it is one that is coming so close to true.

This is the best book I have read for some time. Good story line,Very fast moving and hard to put down. The story line seemed very real.

This is a great book. It really lets you know what it will take to build your own AR 15. That way, you can decide if it is within your capabilities. It really teaches you how the weapon operates and what each little piece does to allow the weapon to operate properly.

Good book holds your attention. Well written the story line is nice not to many different characters to follow. Has suspense and romance all in one

This is a great book in the series. A must read for fantasy fans. Good and unusual concept and intriguing characters

This is a great book to kick back and enjoy. It celebrates friendships and had an engaging story line. There are parts that are seriously funny. Light and breezy and happy with laughs thrown in. Fun!##

This was a great story. The characters were full of passion and the storyline was satisfying. I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful book.

The story was beautiful. I felt the pain, the loss, the fear...every emotion was so well conveyed by the author. The ending was surprising. The author did a good job of weaving faith into the story in a believable fashion. Great book.

No exaggeration, this is my favorite book of 2010. I've recommended it to all my friends as well as my colleagues at work. It provides the perfect framework for instituting a change, as well as a common language for brainstorming and discussing your plans with others. Best of all, these tactics can be put to use in your business or in any aspect of your life that requires change. Great book!

Wonderful book about some of my favorite baseball players. Not many like them anymore. Posada didn't deserve the treatment he received.

I'll keep this short. Buy this! One of the best books I have read in years, blasted through it in a day.More please!

Great book. I like to follow a family saga and see what happens to each family and family unit. Will read more of her books soon.

The recipes are quick and easy and the ideas are easy to understand. A good book for a simple detox.

This is a great book. Well written, full of good stories, caring, and authentic. The criminal justice system in this country needs reform.

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