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This is the best book by an American poet I've read in years.When I find poets whose work I really enjoy in a magazine or anthology, I'll often buy their books. Sometimes this leads to disappointment; there'll be a few great poems and the rest is filler. Well there's no filler in this volume. Every poem here is brilliant.

It's a good book. The author is good, she writes to wear you feel like you are right there with the characters. She is my favorite author now..When you start reading you will love the story.

Another great book. I wish there was a sequel in the works. I have loved each of her books and can't wait for the next one.

Love this series. I was hooked on this series. great reading. always wanted more. I would recommend this series. Great book.

This was just a really good book, I enjoyed it very much. The plot was very good. I would probably read this one again. In some ways JoLynn seemed a little self absorbed, too. but in some ways she had a right to be as she had given up something very important in life.

Good book, fast read. Different type of book for me, it was fun to read. Would recommend it. Will watch for this author again.

Simply one of the best books I have ever read. Yes, there is a lot of technical detail, but only enough to make the problems and their solutions believable. This is the first book in quite a long time to make me late for work...I just couldn't put it down! Please, please, make a movie of it!

Wonderful patterns and easy directions to follow. Great book for cake plate packs and charm packs. Quilts are easy to make for the beginner quilter.

I started reading this to my 6 and 7 year old grandkids and they can't wait for the next chapter. A great book for snuggles with your itty bits.

Best 2nd book I've ever read. I laughed I laughed more and oh I laughed.... What I want is a 2nd book on them married with kids.....I also would like a Mal of my own. This is a great love story.. Best book I've read so far this year. Keep them coming Kylie you have a forever fan with me.....

This was a very good book. Completely free from the filthy scenes that seem to dominate most books these days. Suitable for all!

Great book would have liked more info on awareness and how to help people to be more present, but all in all it was good.

This was a good book with a good story line, and I look forward to the next in the series.

On my personal list of best books..this would be in the top five!! I highly recommend this to any teenager or adult.

I originally borrowed this from the amazon prime lending library, but I loved it so much I wound up buying it and the other 2 in the series. It is a wonderful book to curl up with for an enjoyable afternoon read with a cup of tea.

I love the characters and all that happened. It was a good book I had trouble putting it down. Very believable story about a small town and 3 best friends.

Sensual and sophisticated, amusing and eye-opening. Made me appreciate the scents of things and start eating beets. How's that for a powerful read? My absolute favorite book by a writer I love to read. If you haven't read any Robbins, this is the place to start.

Another great book, the more I read about these Coppers the more I want one. They are great hero's and the heroines just make them better.

It was ok not my best book but a fairly good Christian love story I do not plan on another book of hers

Too many big unknown words. It's a good book, if you have a dictionary handy. I have found many other books that are way better.

This is a great book and a hard one to put down. Keeps you excited to the very last word!!!!

Great books with all the paranormal romance you could want....with a sense of humour thrown in. Well written and entertaining. Very enjoyable!

This was a wonderful book! It has a funny dark sense of humor from the main character. And the story was gripping. Can't wait to start the next one in the series

This was a good book. Very hot in some parts and boring in others, unfortunately. The story ended up nicely and I would love a continuation of their lives. If I could give 3.5 stars I would.

I appreciate a good book with a creative plot and well defined characters! This was fun to read and hard to put down.

This novel ( the conclusion of Daemon) is one of the most interesting techno thrillers I have ever read. The hard science here makes this almost a prophecy. This is a GREAT book by a great author. Be very afraid! The premise could come true.

I bought a couple of these to give at baby showers for the dads to be. I read through it before wrapping it & it was a good book.

Another of the wonderful books I read on my new kindle. I recommend this to anyone who likes fairy tales.

Rory gives a no holding back look at what it takes to achieve our dreams. In a world of quick fixes, Rory takes us back to doing the work necessary to not only build success, but also KEEP what we have and help others along the way. Thanks for a great book!!

It was light hearted and a fun easy read. I liked the characters. Good book to read when you need a break from a stressful life.

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