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this was a fantastic book a little romance a little action lots of twists and turns kept me turning the page I get a lot of books free or super cheap when they go on sale not sure if this was one of them but I would like to read more from this author

This beautiful book (more a novella length than novel) was beautifully written and touched me in places I didn't even know I had.

This is one of the best books I've read in a long while. I was afraid it was going to have oppressively religious overtones, but instead it was a coming of age story that would appeal toany reader.

This was probably the best book out of the series so far. The ending was pretty interesting...Can't wait to get the next one.

This was a great books wrapped in a small package. It's not a long read, but a telling one. Take a day to read about the things in life that matter. Sometimes I think we all forget the simple pleasures.

Great book!! I love the way it is written and I love that it is real! There is definitely a political view, but you get a fun sense of who Michael and Meghan really are!

Great book for helping you learn some words and easy to understand. I got this free so its not a bad offer if you wanted to learn or increase your french vocab.

I actually thought the character was looking for a bad guy. I was surely wrong. This was a cute miss guided love story. I would recommend to a more mature audience considering the love scenes. The characters were very well described. I could picture the scenes perfectly. This was a great book.

This story is very powerful in how if you open yourself up to love it can pull you out of very dark places. I felt the grief of the characters and the immense love between them. Very well written and heartfelt. Thanks again for another wonderful book.

I've decided to 5 star all my favorite books as i feel they deserve the bump and will increase the chances someone else may read a fantastic book.

This is a good book for parents dealing with divorce. However, it is targeted to parents of younger children who are affected by divorce. However, I found it helpful even though my daughter is 19, despite the fact that it sometimes slips into the cliches of self-help type books.

Great book to read. Characters with keep you reading until the end. Could hardly put it down.

This is a good book. A lot of good advice from a very spiritual man. I do recommend reading this.

Best book I think I've ever read ! I love it was a beautiful book and great charters in it

great book all friends love it me too

I love this whole series it's a great book for someone just looking for an exciting read it's really good

this was a good book that held your attention. You never knew what was going to happen n ext. buy it

Very good book, with very good story-line. Very entertaining and humurous. Definitely will look out for more books from this writer.

It was a great book and the dialogue exchange was very entertaining and natural. A very touching and realistic story.

I got this to help a family member after they beat cancer. I also got a copy for myself and we read it at the same time. I found it very informative and inspirational. What a great book!

There are stitches in her book that I have not seen anywhere else. I have been doing bead embroidery now for 8 years or so and there is so much to try! Beautiful book and great how-to.

Wonderful another good story the ladies and friends pull off another capper. So on to the next good book and great story. Enjoy the read!

This is a great book. It helps you see things in a new perspective. It would be a great study book, not only personally but for a group.I have recommended it to my friends

Great book with lots of detail wants to keep u reading. Would like to know how it truly ended and what happen to Sarah.

Great book for teens and adults! Very inspirational and thought provoking. I have read it over again and enjoyed it alot

Highly ratedLoved Lives of the most eminent literary and scientific men of France Volume 2 and the characters made me laugh and cry.I would recommend to all.Four star rating

Half way through, I had a hard time getting through An essay for advancement of husbandry-learning, or, Propositions for the er recting [sic] colledge of husbandry and in order thereunto for the taking ... of the same colledge or society. (1651). Don't get me wrong, it's not awful, it's just not as good as the other books in the series, it's slow and the town becomes a bit repetitive and even annoying at points. If you've read the others-read it but I personally didn't enjoy it like the other books in the series.

Arabian nights entertainments: consisting of one thousand and one stories, told by the Sultaness of the Indies, ... Translated into French from the ... the last Paris edition. ... Volume 2 of 4 is well written, the story flows and it has great character development. The characters are believable and relateable.

I have four boys and got Bibliotheca Librorum Rariorum Universalis, Dritter Theil (German Edition) for them. Bibliotheca Librorum Rariorum Universalis, Dritter Theil (German Edition) is fun to read it just doesnt really flow very well if you know what I mean. The pictures though are what help out alot. The illustrations are fun to look at and make Bibliotheca Librorum Rariorum Universalis, Dritter Theil (German Edition) a lot better. My boys really liked it though and loved to think up their own things that would be funny to give their mom.

An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. to Which Are Now First Added, I. an Analysis of Mr. Locke's Doctrine of Ideas [&c., Incl. Some] Extr. from the Author's Works is well-written, the subject is unique and interesting, and it was exciting without pandering to Hollywood like too many authors today.

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