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Two thumbs up for a very touching book. Should be required reading for 5th graders. Need a few more words for this review.

This was a fun fast read. I liked it as an easy summer reading, with a good story line and some humorous situations. It won't be a classic, but a good book for entertainment at the beach, or during dreary winter days.

Great book! I love the whole series! I can't believe now I have to wait for the 6th book to come out!!! Highly recommended the whole series.

Was a great book like how it kept me reading this would like to read more of his books in the future.

Jance writes such wonderful books. You are with her. She knows the areas so well that she writes about. Read all of her books.

Great book. Recommended by my counselor, and it hit the mark. It was a great read and I have now started dog-earring pages.

I enjoyed it and I think if the author went back and corrected a few things it would a great book. Also a little more gun knowledge would be great. Glocks have no safties to move. also the guns use magazine not clips. Its a great free book and I looked forward to reading more of the authors work.

Great book! Read it within a 24hr period. Can't wait to start the next book. I would a warrior of my very own . Where do I sign up!

Yes it is a great book but do you think you can master women?At the back of my book I made a comparison sheet to make me understand women better. 10 years passed and I still have a miss-understanding with my women every week, I even gave her a copy so she would understand me. I thinks it's a women problem and these Venusians are trying to conquer earth.

One of the most inspiring and perceptive work on spiritual practice. By far is the best book on the subject for all level of spiritual consciousness.

This wonderful book was chosen to read with my grandchildren. Not only is it beautiful but it is easy to understand in principle. It is a special treat, when they stay over, to have special sharing items. This is one of them.

This could be a good book, but the cursing and the detailed sex is a bit too much for me. Maybe younger adults would be entertained by it, and hopefully they are of age to read it. of a different generation, too detailed.

not the best book I have read the story was not great don't think I would tell my friends or family

Another great book in the series! Quick read and the story moved along quickly. Nice cliff hanger at the there a problem in Takara?

This is a wonderful book with Berg's usual wit and humor. The short stories are delightful.

this defiantly not a cheesy book, i laughed when i read the title and i though why not, i didn't have any books to read. this was a really good book. i laughed and was entertain every minute, it also had its cute moments. what i would have like is more of the end it needed more. if this author is not going to make a second book it needed more of the end for sure

This was a good book I would like to read about the son it would be interesting. It is a good read . Hope any who read it enjoy it.

Good book. A lesson in life that things can change rapidly and not always for the better. Told from a teenagers point of view and that is what I liked about it. Brought back memories of long ago many times. Enjoy!

Great book for journaling! Great tips for journaling! I highly recommend it! Book arrived in good condition and on time.

Good storyline, but could have been much longer! This could have been a truly good book. I really enjoy historical romances that keep you interested. Especially some spicy content included!

It was a really good book. Kind of different and a little dark but really good. It's a must read.

This is a great book. I know I want to have a natural birth, and hearing information from doctors who are for natural birth is always a rare thing.

Heaps of information on affirmations, including the pros and cons, and how they should be correctly done. Simple to use, good book!

I first saw this technique on a U-tube video and was hooked. One of my best books and everyone who sees it agrees. I can't wait to start making projects from this one in 2013.

What a great book! I don't spend a lot of time reading but this one kept my interest so I kept picking it up for just a few more pages!!

Very good book. I just had a hard time getting it to. But I keep reading and I ended up really liking it.

This was a good book with a lot of information. Seem to be updated from previous books. Lots of websites.

Easy to understand. Good book for starters. it shows nicely the relationship between the three statements and has good basic formulas.

such a great book I have heard about breath play but never read it in any of my books. found myself understanding how Dimitri and Columbia needed each other and the darkness they each brought to their relationship. Great book. happy they found each other and helped each other. a must read but not if you can't handle the dark side.

This is a wonderful book. I have purchased this for many baby shower gifts as its such a touching meaningful story.

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