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This is one of the best books I've read in a long time. Trista did a great job.

This is a good book for devotional times. I like his explanation and applications. I would like to have more of this kind of book

A great book! This is a must read for every single girl out there! i absolutely learned a lot from it.

This is a fantastic book. Well written and a great history of petroleum industry. Normally industry history books tend to be dry --- this is the exception.

I have been reading mostly erotic romance since I was introduced to 50 Shades of Grey last summer. I do have to say this is one of the best books I have read since then. It is a great balance of romance and intimacy. There are some twists and turns along the way and I will be reading it for a second time.

this was a very good book i enjoyed reading about Taj and Vera and her friends and family,there were alot of funny thing that she got her self into as well as sad moment.

Great book, like the new character and cant wait until it all plays out. Did not like the ending ;-)

Fun and easy read, great book for vacation reading. Captivating characters and plot. Enjoyed the story and looking forward to reading other novels with this author

Had read before but had forgotten how much I like Kelsey. I would recommend this series of books for anyone wanting a good book but light read.

Great book Joliet was a normal girl making a living when a handsome man walks into her shop she finds out she is a witch and he is a vampire. They have adventures defeating all,sorts of underworld creatures

This is a great book and is very useful for cooks. The recipe presented are simple and nutritious.Probably some more details could have been useful but overall an excellent book.

It took me a long time to get through this one. It gives a wonderful account of his life because he wrote it. Great book! I recommend it for anyone to add to their reading list of biographies.

Surprisingly good book...Thought it would end has a cliffhanger but I was very surprised that it all wrapped up in the end....Fast past book with good character development.

I enjoyed this story very much. I am a writer at and found it to be a great book for everyone. You felt like you were actually in the story.

Very good book with great character details. The writer does a very good job of making you fall in love with the characters. The story is heartbreaking and thought provoking

OMG, I swear on my life that as a 31 yr. + lover of horror antholgies, this is hands down the absolute best book I've ever read. Its absolutely amazing! Totally inventive stories, all unique and scary in their own way. Engrossing reading. If you can find one for sale- buy it! I got mine at a bargain for under $20.00, its worth so much more now, but I'm not ever going to part with it!!!

Great book overall. Goes right along with the series. I am hooked! Can't wait to finish to start the next book!

Great book! Helped immensely when starting the diet. Easy recipes with wonderful results. Made switching to the diet much easier then anticipated.

A good book of love and paranormal. A little off in terms of characters and their roles. Otherwise the characters were interesting. Serious cliffhanger. You need to get next book too if you really need to know...

Ill keep these remarks short. Fun, easy and very helpful. One of the best books for your money in chess literature and analysis.

It is a nice book about cheetahs for children; the text is scientifically correct and not too difficult for them, though there are many typos that should be corrected.Photos are very beautiful, I'm sure all the children will love them.

I hope its a good book. okey dont spend -save- sales- discounts- bargains -good gas mileagedon't die youngmoney, what good is it if you can't spend it?

This was a great book!!! It as well written and tastefully done!!! I love the little suspense that is written in the story line, you just can't wait to see what else will happen! Looking forward to the next book!!!

Great book rather like dick Francis and John francombe easy entertainment I would read more of these authors books. Very good value

I've got to love any story with a dog, search and rescue and psychic visions. Put them together and you've got a great book with fascinating characters and a real puzzle. It kept me guessing all the way through. Loved it. This is book two in the series. Don't miss book one. I'm looking forward to three and four for more excitement.

This was a very good book by this well known mystery writer - having four total novels in one was a great idea - been years since I read her and am glad to have had all these at once.

a wonderful book with so much history about gospel music and its many great singers and all the other participants. Written with sincerity and great love.

A wonderful book of the human spirit! We can feel a great joy in following this tale of enlightenment through the eyes of children.

This is a great book. Not only is the information helpful but on my Kindle I could use the text to speech and listen to the guided imageries. They have helped with relaxation and with sleep. I am thinking about buying the actual tapes she offers.

Good book overall, but a little dated. The good news is it covers the subjects very thoroughly, but I would like to see more basic instructions about Android phones. Good book for elderly people that are technologically challenged.

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