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not my favorite book but it was good and enteraining I think most people would like this one so take a chance and read it

What a great book, I really enjoyed the story of the AT trail. I learned a lot and want to hike!

One of the best books l have read in a long time..The characters were well defined and easy to follow. Many twists and turns ,especially the ending. I definitely had not foreseen that coming!

Roach always makes me laugh while at the same time giving me new knowledge on subjects. Just a good book.

The G free cookbook is awesome. For someone that needs recipes for gluten free foods, this is a great book. Bought one for a friend. Then decided I wanted one so got myself one!!

this is my favorite book. the two main characters are fully developed and you will love them both. you can't wait for them to tell each other that they love each other. i have not read such a great book in a long time. if you read one book this year, read this one. sexy, funny and dramatic. five stars. i would give it ten stars if i could.

Great read for those dreary rainy days! The only reason I haven't given it full marks is because on some of the riddles I found them too hard and I got very frustrated. Good book.

this was a good book i love jan karon.. got it in good condition and in a timely manner..

This is a nice book for new dog owners that contains lots of information about dogs in general for the first time owner. If you have owned dogs previously though, you will not find too much in there that you don't already know. A lot of common sense info here. On the plus side, there is a good overview of the Cavalier breed.

A great book, a truly original point of view and worth the read for anyone who likes war memoirs, SEALs, etc. One of my favorite SEAL memoirs of all time (out of say 20 books)

Fairly good book but kind of easy to figure out how it would end. No surprise at all on that part.

great book. well written. good characters a real page turner. stayed up till midnight to finish it. Be a hell of a movie. Already downloaded book 2

What a fun book. I loved it. It was a sweet love story, a short feel good read. Great book

How to distinguish fake from real.Here are the answers.It's a great book to have when one is interested in qualityand genuinity of printed historical art.

Enjoyed the first book lots, slowed down a bit but was was still solid but the last couple re back to accelerating out of the gate. This is a great book and makes me want to read the next! More please (of course maybe Im influenced by the captain having my name!)

Great story line, I would love to see a movie about this concept. The story moved along well and kept me wondering what was going to happen. I for one thought it was a very good book

This is s great book. I am amazed this series is not discussed more in 're a ring circles. Pick it up and enjoy

Book was lite and a fun read to pass time. A good book for the beach or some place where you can just sit and go into the story line

BEAUTIFUL book! I bought it as a baby gift.

If you have a daughter who loves fairies, this is a great book. Very good illustrations and fascinating facts and trivia about fairies..

Full of a variety of examples and clear explanations. Great for a hungry imagination. Very realistic treatment. This might be the best book I've seen on facial expressions. It's so thorough.

I loved it is a great book I can't wait to read the next one the first one is very good too

Light mystery with comedy. It would not keep you up at night, but I would order from this author again. A good book to take on vacation.

This is a great book of wise cat sayings, so many of them I can relate to with my own five cats.

After reading what he writes, I am totally voting for this man in the next election if he runs!!! Great book, great author!

Pretty good book. It has lots of pictures and ideas in it for your own doll house. I wish that I had seen the table of contents before I bought it. It didn't have much victorian stuff in it.

This was truly a great book. Lead characters were just amazing. I totally enjoyed it. I will most definitely be reading more from this author

What an incredible story, lots of substance, real and enlightening. Finally a story close to my own. Very well written, entertaining as well as full of substance. The best book I've read this year!

it was a good book for reading, a few words were not in the right place & a few were missing that should have been in a certain place in the story but otherwise it was good!!!!

great book from 10th graders are rabid fans of all his books! I hope he keeps them coming in the future.

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