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Not a bad read a lot of twists and turns. I never knew who did it until the end and that's rare. Good book I recommend it to anyone who likes mystery with some love and sex.

this is the best book i have read all year. it has heart soul love good guys and bad guys. i wish they would make it into a movie

A great book to read with your kidsWill get your kid's to thinkabout their favorite thingto watch and do at the circusGreat illustrations as wellThanks

So excited for the Blackstone they deserve purple bliss! They have gone through so much in their single lives and has a couple! In a short period of time together. They love hard for one another they are a perfect combination! Thank you Raine for another wonderful book!

This is a great book!! The stories have quirky endings. Deaver is certainly a gifted writer! I've read other books of his, but I think this was the best!!

This is a wonderful book full of inspiring ideas. Even if I don't attempt to make anything similar it's just fun to look at. I was pleased with the vendor.

Really good book it has a lot of drama which makes it interesting! Lol! its hilarious!! it's fun and awesome I love love love love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wasn't. The best book I ever read.The little story was actually sweat. BUT good Lord, it was so drawn out. I think the storyline could have been written with about 100 less pages.

This was a very good storyline with some interesting characters. The hero and heroine were well written and I enjoyed how the author developed the romance between the two throughout the story. This author does a really good job with developing storylines around this type of story. This was a good book and I recommend it to anyone who wants a nice fast reading story with a tender romance.

This is a really good book. It is just the listed publications, without political commentary. It allows you to make up your own mind with what you read. No liberal or conservative interpretations. I love it.

This author hits the mark every time with her powerful plots and just plain old good story telling. Great book.

It was a good book. I think the heroine fought her attraction for no reason and that they made a decent couple. I do like that the Aunt knew they were not real but saw the potential so did not interfere, lol. She was not a mean Aunt, she just wanted him settled so was brash!

Was a good book . I ordered the next one and have already started reading it. I wouldn't expect any less from this author though. I love all her books.

This is such a good book. It is both sad and happy at the same time. Very well written and brings up history that many of us were not aware of.

Its a interesting story,make me wonder if it possible for things like this to happen o.o it is really short though I read it in a day and half.There is so much about football though haha other than that it a good book.

I loved the suspense at the end of each chapter. It was a great book. One of the best books

Great plots and a few suprised. Closed the last page with a smile on my face! Definitely a good book to read.

This was a nice book. A fun tale interwoven with a sweet love story. It's not my favorite of MLM's, but was still well executed for a shorter story. Clean, tender, yet passionate romance is always enjoyable!

This was a great book and not overly religious. The intrigue was fast paced.The international theme and the personal them was well written.

Truly a great book! It gave me the POV of the submissive, Dylan, and what it means to her and how she learns to accept that part of herself. It also gave a Dom's POV and what it means to Alec to be the dominant and why. It is also a great love story! Highly recommended!

This was another great book in the Renegades series. I loved Rubi and Wes together. I wish we got more from the ending and her changing her ways. But we can figure it out.

Great book, well written and factual of Joe's live. We live in Arizona and really appreciate what he does for us. Like he says, he doesn't make the law, he just inforces it. To bad so many people are out to get him, he is one of the few people doing the job he is ellected to do.

This is one of the best books I've read in recent months. I was absorbed about the story of a woman recovering from a breakdown who goes to live on an island and rebuild the house on it. Are her terrors real or is someone else on the island?

Oh yes yes yes...great book, great recipes, great sauerkraut. I do want to try some of the other vegetable recipes too, but I bought it mainly for the sauerkraut.

This was a very good book.. Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down--I loved the main character, warts and all!

This is, hands down, one of my 3 year olds favorite books. He first heard it in day care and recites it a lot!!

I loved it. When I finished Axel, I thought the series couldn't get any better. Well, I was wrong. Cage is definitely in my top ten favorite books of all time.

It was a great book I would recommend it I gave it a 5 star queen was just like her mom overall great book

Just a good book to start with as the title suggests.A first glance inexpensive way to have a look at Buddhism.

This was a good book. I loved Tony man Blue also he just needs to learn how to let go. Tess in opinon took too long with her choose. Good book all around .

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