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This might be a good book but it's not for me. I hate to only give it two stars but I can't give it three. In all fairness I admit I did not finish the first chapter. I couldn't get into it.

This is a very wonderful book that is a great read for all ages. I really enjoyed the cartoons. Look forward to read more from this author.

This is a great book. This pictures have great detail and are inspiring. The step by step process is helpful.

One of the best books I have read in a long time. My husband went to Harvard and he also love it. Highly recommended.

It was a very good book I think that the story is getting good i am going to read the next book

Had read this in print format so had to add it to my Kindle collection to read again later, and with such compact storage for so many books. I've enjoyed every book I've read by this author. Amazing talent. Terrific characters. Awesome settings. I can't imagine anyone who loves a great book not liking this one. Also, great covers for the series. Thanks, VB, you never disappoint me.

I have read them all, this is the last one. Good book easy read, happy overall. Will get more books by the writer.

Snipers are the same no matter the uniform they wore. This is a good book about an ordinary Russian soldier who happened to be an excellent rifleman.

I got book 1 as a free book, and was so entwined with the novel I had to get the series ... very well written and full of incredible adventure ...i LOVED the very subtle dual story which I did not fully get until the end ... well worth the money ... great book!!

This is a great book by all means, it is very well written, very good and different story, great caracters, it's a page turner. I highly recommend it.

Great book, keeps you guessing. Loved the characters and look forward to reading the next in the series and others by the author.

I love angels. And this was a great love story. You should read it if you love angels. Good book

Overall this was a good book. I found the first few chapters felt a little slow but the pace soon picked up and it became a real page turner. Definitely an enjoyable read

It is a good book. It completes the series that I have. A great writers. I must have for anyone that likes to read.

Fabulously written. I could not read some parts as it was too emotionally upsetting, yet I was tenacious enough to continue as the story was so gripping. Great book.

A good book that keeps you interested, wanting to find out what's next. It has suspense, action, sadness, love and of course sex. While it keeps you intrigued, it's basically a love story.This is my one of my favorite genres, I don't understand why most writers of this type of book seem to spend so much time on sex. And it's Always "mind blowing, out of this world" sex. Maybe it's the era....

This was a good book. I could not stop reading it and found myself thinking " when can I continue reading it", as work interrupted my reading. Just when I started to lose interest near the end, it pulled me back in. The ending was very good, I wondered if they would find their HEA, but it worked out in the end.

Not quite what I thought it would be, but it was a good book for the most part... Just didn't get my interest I guess

Such a great book... This will always be my favorite book and I will ship FourTris forever... I can't wait for Convergent

This was a unique covered book that I purchased to give as a gift. The inside content was just as good. Great book.

Very good book. Enjoyed reading it. It flowed nicely and she filled in some blanks that her show didn't cover.

It's difficult to explain the enjoyment I received from reading this. The historical and geographical descriptions leave me wanting to visit each location cited in this wonderful book.Brown's story line, his characters and his twists are pure genius.I loved it.

Most people know how to take notes or jot down ideas on papers. The secret of success will never be revealed to us. Nice book to read.

This is a great book. It is easy to read and easy to understand. It has lots of ideas. Great for beginners as well as very experienced quilters

This was a good book for children with a separation anxiety from their mother. It was a cute book about this subject.

i dont like the end of the ending. i think there could have be more to it. other then that it was a really good book

This is the story of Cassie who in spite of having a life where hope cannot possibly cannot survive still holds onto a tiny shred of it. Into her life comes her her knight on a motorcycle . He sees beyond her defenses and a twisting turning ride toward something new begins. This was a wonderful book that should not be missed.

A very good book. Enough suspense to keep you coming back. No foul language or sex scenes. Looking forward to more in this series.

This was a good book.Cami and tj are dating but don't see each other much. Trenton starts showing an interest in Cami. She is torn. On top of it all she has family issues. Great follow up from Travis story.

I am very much a lover of dystopian books and this one while starting a little slow got my attention. It was a good book and I enjoyed the characters. There could have been more action but I liked it and I'm about to buy the 2nd virulent book now.

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