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This is a great book that makes you think about how you view people and what they are really doing that you may not know.

This was a great book! It kept me interested and on the edge of my seat with every page! I was so enthralled in the story I finished it in one day!! I can't wait to see what happens in the next book!!!

I felt that feel-good books needed to be given a break. From the reviews I tried this one. It was not really depressing and it made me think that there are dysfunctional folks out there. The story led me to be less judgmental of others.

A beautiful book, a wonderful story, a fascinating presentation! Can be enjoyed by all ages. Saw the reviews on it and took a risk by ordering 2 just to get free shipping, and it was worth spending on! Will probably buy more to gift to others.

This was my favorite Sullivan's book. Really well written, the story flows and it keeps you wanting more. The best book of all of the ones in this series so far. I can't wait for the next one.

What a wonderful book about love and kindness. A spiritual journey to our most sacred place - the heart. First commitment - do no harm. A loving and peaceful way to live life. How to get to the depths of pain and stay there, to be able to come out on the other side.

I am a Mary fan and believe I own all her books. I enjoy the color and style of happiness they all have. This is her home. It is not with all the color and so was a surprise. A nice one. I appreciate that she works with color all the time and would need a more calming home style. It is a very nice book.

This was a great book, brought out lot of the Indian ways of life. Made for a great read and very exciting

Good book as usual the author did a great job. I Enjoyed the brief romance scene. Wish it was more detailed.

Bought this for my brother's birthday. He was hooked just with the front picture alone. Great book, excellent stories. Thanks!

good book for gaining background on life at sea in this era of sea battle and history.A very hard life and trying life style on the wooden ships

Being a fan of both politics and crime, this was a no-brainer. It held my interest from the start. I fact, I lost some sleep because I didn't want to stop reading. In my opinion, that's the sign of a great book.

A great book by a truly amazing man. A really worthwhile read, even the second time you read it is fascinating.

This was a really great book. I loved Travis and can't wait to read his point of view. Hurry up April 2

This is a fun book for light reading,romance and mystery. The only thing I did not like we're the titles on each chapter. They were not necessary. Good book!

Loved it!! Really good book.. now i just the other books in the series:) im a sucker for these sorts of books.

This was a really good book that explains alot of the questions that were unanswered in the rest of the series. I wasn't disappointed that they were different characters. It was a fresh look at the story. I wasn't disappointed!

Good book for the summer to keep up with math skills. We bought the same grade that my daughter completed.

it was a good book very sweet not descriptive enough and the Alfa was more like a beta but it was a cute story

Good book for learning how to make felted animals.I would recommend it if you want to make cutefelted animals.

what a great read...i loved their story and their much as preacher kept messing up..i still want him!!!great book great series

Really good book! The final battle was nerve racking!! Kept me on the edge of my seat until it was over

I have not used a single recipe yet, don't get me wrong it is a nice book but...nothing exciting in it, I guess that is my best assesment. It is however a good one to have in your healthy cookbook collection.

I have been a fan of Joni for years. It was wonderful to hear about Ken and their life together. It was written in Joni's personal style, but written by others in the 3rd person. Wonderful book.

This was a good story and a good book to buy. The flow of the story was good to follow. I loved the characters and their development we knew them and wanted their relationship to progress the sex was good and easy to read.

Great book. One of the most interesting books I have read in a long time. Didn't want the novel to end.

This would have been a good book if it was not filled with grammar errors. I thought books are proof read before they get printed. The story was interesting.

This is one of my all time favorite books and I was so excited that it was available in Kindle format at such a reasonable price. Happy to add it to my digital library.

This was truly one of the best books I have ever read. You can feel every thing now feels and it seems like you are right there with her, wanting her to stay but also knowing why she would want to leave.

Great book with creative thoughts. I didn't feel like the authorWas trying to rush and fake her way through to the ending

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