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Great book. The only fault I could find would be that it took just too long to find out the history behind the girls not speaking.

This is a good book for understanding how people learn, however it does a lot of repeating. Would prefer less of that.

Very good book, hoping to see more in this series. Fun to read and easy to whiz through as it flows well.

A story like this really makes you wonder if it was taken from real life. It is a good book and I enjoyed reading it.

This is a great book.Love the story and who knew a guy could come off so sexy in a dress.Excellent descriptions and real depth to the plot.Will be looking for more books by this author.A must have for your kindle.

It was a good book, but did not compare with Plague. I really expected more and was disappointed that it did not meet my expectations.

Another great book! I read this one in a day and couldn't put it down. I already bought the next in the series (pre-order) which should be out in June I believe.

This was a great book that pulled you in right away. It kept you guessing. Easily a page turner and hard to put down. I think the ending was 'weak' - not bad, not good, just weak but totally worth the read.

For this to be the first book by this author It was an OK book, it kept my interest but it had to far many grammar errors, if those errors are fixed it could get a better rating cause it was a good book and looks like there's gonna be a pt.2......if you can get past the misspelled words it a Ok read.

This was the most touching story, full of joy, sorrow, laughter, tears, and teaching. There should be more men out there like the hero and more moms like the heroine. Great book.

This was great because both Eva and Gideon are troubled imperfect people. I love seeing the struggle and how they make mistakes. Very human. Great book.

Great book packed full with fast cars , crazy hot men, and danger... and oh yes great sex!

great book. way too short. where is the next one and when will it come out.??? please hurry up intrigued

Fantastic book. Swiping story. Romantic and wonderful. I read it on vacation in Mexico. Read many from amazon. Actually built a library for all the great books i purchase here!!

This was a good was one of those life lesson books. There were times I wanted to pop Fancy uploads her head for being just dumb. This would be a good book for young women who don't think about their future realistically.

great book. i really liked it. it was great and amazing with adventure and love and lots and lots of princes.

Great book, definitely one of the more modern takes on disease and illness and how they're directly related to psychological stress as perceived by the patient. Fascinating connections between mind and body illustrated. I loved it and recommend it highly.

Great book!!!

One of the best books I have read in ages. Well written, moving and historically correct. Morgan really did her research. It is another story of strong women under difficult circumstances. Once I started reading, I could not put it down.

Great book. Nice coffee table book. I would recommend it to a friend. Love all the pictures, cutest pictures of dogs in water.

Great great great book but I hated the end!!!!! And all the baby stuff!! But the love and the story was well written and entertaining a nail bitter and all!!!!:)

It was an action packed book kept me on the edge of my seat. Great book. Loved it. Read it.

Best book I've ever read 4 times! A must read if you have ever even thought about owning a sailboat!

This was a good book. Characters were great. I would recommend this if you into this kind of reading. Interesting

Wow! another great book, by a really great author! Can not wait to get my hand on the next book!

i dont think that we were reding the same book i saw nothing in there about skanks and celebrities with no underware maybe read it again and look at the title this time i think it is a great book

This is another great book from an author I have just discovered. His characters are interesting and down to earth. What a great story this is with ordinary people forced to do extraordinary things.

I love sarah graves' books. she develops characters (old and new) with terrific detail and builds suspense artfully. another wonderful book in the series.

This is a great book - it is beautiful to look at, both outside and in! I think it's a must for any Firefly fan! All sorts of interesting notes and tidbits in there...

Very good book. Very frightening to think of this happening in real life. I thought the author was a good story teller.

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