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This is a great book to just sit down and read. Easy to read, fun to read and spine chilling too. I read it in a day.

This was one of the best books that Grisham wrote, it keep you interested all through. it was hard to put down

This is a wonderful book with lots of great pictures. I will be making a miniature scene from the movie and all the pictures are wonderful for helping me recreate the characters and scene. Bright colorful pictures!

This is nicely written and keeps my sons attention. Such a great book! We are looking forward to more Aliki books!

This is a great book with lots of patterns and I would say it is well worth the money you pay for it.

Wonderful book, great for Christian premarital counseling, I'd highly recommend. Me and my fiance are discussing so many important things that would have never been covered had we not done premarital counseling or gone thru this challenging/enlightening book.

Very good book God will always be by your side . Never lose site of God he loves us all.

This is absolutely the best book I have EVER read. You can't help but fall in love with these characters. I have recommended both book to all of my friends but I do warn them about the cliff hanger that is book 2. It will leave you breathless and literally begging for more.

After reading the reviews, I wasn't sure, but this was a really good book! I couldn't put it down. Highly recommend.

Very interesting information. Another great book from the series about universe. I got all of them and it's totally worth it. I love this topic and I'm happy to be able to find someone writing about it on kindle. I would recommend it! Grab your copy and check it out for yourself.

Great book! Couldn't put it down the last third! Read it in only a few days! I have also read some of her other books and have enjoyed them, too.

Great books their just wasn't enough of them but still worth read. I hope there is more of the story.

It is an odd but interesting book.The characters are strangely unique,as is the setting and premise.Not my favorite book.

A good book from start to finish. Just a real good romance story that kept my interest throughout the whole book.

This is one of the best books I have read in many years. It really helps you understand yourself and how we can create damaging habits. Don't overanalyze, just buy and read it!

Great book, I really enjoyed the thoughtful writing. Definitely not the same old writing style you read everywhere else. Awesome.

Another good book from this series. I really do enjoy them.... they keep you captivated. What more could you ask for than a exciting good romance novel?

This is a great book for people like me who can't handle big items with a sewing machine. I recommend it to anyone highly.

My six year old granddaughter reports that this is a wonderful book. Her mother confirms it. This is the second book by Pennypacker I've given to her, and her response to both has been great. She loves books and I just want to keep feeding her need to read.

I enjoyed this light-hearted mystery. it is a good, easy read. A good book to take to the beach or on vacation.

Great book if you like reading about family, reconciliation & forgiveness. Also, enjoyed geographical location. This is a must read .

What a pleasant surprise! This was a fantastic book and I couldn't put it down.I've read several books about the Titanic but this one is the best by far.

Great book from beginning to end! As always just like the rest of Gina L Maxwell's books it was awesome!

I always enjoy Henri's insight. He comes from an absolutely pure place of sharing. Thanks again for another great book!

It took me a few days to finish this, for I knew I would cry. I didn't but this was such a great book. Just love Marcus, and will get Jimmies story when it's out.

I was searching for a Lightroom 1.1 update book and I'm happy that I found this one. The writing is intelligent, yet simple, and easy to follow. The photos and illustrations are a joy. This is my favorite book for learning Lightroom.

I love herbs. Lately my herbs have been looking well, not well... I learned some really good tips and I can hardly wait to try them out. Great book.

I loved this it's a great book about a girl who struggles with the special abilities she has been given but she doesn't neccisarly want.

Great book about a diverse group of ladies who benefit and grow,from others life experiences both good and bad. Very enjoyable.

Great book and it took me less than a day to read it. It reminded me of the Host. I can't wait to read the 2nd and 3rd.

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