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Great book that will grow with the child. We read this several times in the spring around Easter (it's now a tradition) and throughout the year. Fun to read and great illustrations. Strongly recommend!

Great series and great book. Fast service and delivery was on time. I would recommend this series to anyone liking mysteries.

A decent parallel between a "What if..." after the the end of the fighting in Europe in WWII and what is going on in Iraq. A good book to just sit back and enjoy.

This is a good book, but then anything Baldacci writes is a good book. Any one can be entertained by one of Baldacci's books. I'm looking forward to the next one and can hardly wait.

This is another great book10 series, I would recommend to any teen fiction reader. I rate this a 10+. simply captivating.

This is a great book with interesting characters. I really enjoyed reading Amethyst and look forward to the other books in this series.

This was a great book!! Not at all what I expected. I would love to see some of the characters expanded in other books!!! This was the first I have read by this author and I would read her books again!!Can we get Colin's Story? Liam and Jeff's?

I enjoyed Rilke's letters and the translation is very good. Not being able to read German, I can't make comparisons, but it felt pretty natural in English. A great book to return to many many times

Fantastic book, I recommend it to many of my students at work. I cried and cried at the end. We certainly have no idea in our cosy 2007 world. A brave, graphic and well written book.

This was a really good book with the right amount of tension and believable characters. This author should continue to write.

sory i am person of few words but all i could say this is a very infermational and a good book

This was a good book with many characters that I found very interesting and it is a great read if you like lesbian stories with some twist of sexual and spanking encounters.

Again, another good book that is so true. I enjoy reading about history and how it relates to our time.

What a wonderful book. The photos are so captivating you just want to gaze at them for hours rather than turn the page continue the story. This is an excellent buy.

I loved this great ending to this series can't wait for more books by the author. Now I need to find another great book.

Great book and very quick read for the summer. Captured me all the way to the last page. You won't be disappointed.

I just finished this wonderful book! It is for all women...senior...thirty something...and the younger ladies! Three stories in one book!

The struggles of mountain people often go unnoticed by those of us who have what we need in life. I enjoyed reading about their struggle just to stay alive. I related well to the young lady that had the role of holding it all together. Great book

Nice book very romantic and sexy but not a believable story to quick of a romance but still a nice fantasy love story

This is good book. I enjoyed it. I love her books as they keep you interested from beginning to end.

This is a really good book. I read a great deal and this is one the held my attention for hours. I read till 5:00 am. I finally finished when I got up the next day. I really like all of Heather's books.

Good book but there are several items of events that would have never had happened during era of the Austen world.

Great book. I have 2 of 3 books that I need and I can not read until I get another one I am waiting on in the series.

It is a great book for a really condensed version of Photoshop. It does not give you every little detail but great if you want to know the basics of this software. exercises are fun to do !!!

Pretty good book. Liked the characters. The ending was a little rushed, but it was still good leading up to it!

Great book, great characters, great read except one thing that kept me from giving 5 stars. It was wonderful till the last chapter, I read and re-read the ending several times but I didn't really understand what was happening there. Then it ended so abruptly that I wasn't really sure the story was done till it went to the 'review' page. Huh??

Great book. His characterazations are so vivid I feel like I'm on 10th Avenue right with his people. Puzo is such a great writer and his life seems so colorful, why is there no biography of him?

I thought it was a very good book it was fun to read and a very good mystery. I would recommend it to other folks.

This is a pretty good book.....I have no real negative or positive opinion.I would purchase it again and would read others.

This is a great book for when you're in the mood for a quick, light, funny, honest, romantic, simple read. A great book for a beach day.

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