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What a great book. I learned a ton and have already started to use the guidance in my company to improve our marketing.

Such a great love story that makes you laugh and cry. The love scenes weren't as steamy as expected but it was still a really good book.

This is a good book, I enjoyed it. I liked the characters, I just wished Elly would have slapped Lucia also, even though I loved it when she slapped Aaron. This was a fun read.

This series is very good books, enjoyed them very much more of this authors books. I'm on the 3rd book right now and enjoyed the first two.

Wonderful read and characters. The animals are so sweet. Thankful for all the men and women who fight for our freedom every day. Thank you for all u do. Thank u Susan for another wonderful book.

What a wonderful book! A mother/daughter relationship that was so close and loving, Plan to write a letter to my sons to let them know how important they are to me.

This is a great book for beginning managers. The information is easy to read and well thought out. He has many helpful tips through out. I really enjoyed his writing style. Money well spent!

Great fast service great product Would order again anytime from this person very easy to work with. Great book and would order more like it.

I liked it,it was a good booknow I'm just doing this to take up space f vs f f2f

This is the third Temperance novel I have read and I love them. I really like to read book series. I always hate it when a good book ends and with a series of books it keeps on coming.

This is a heavy read.It was good.Sebastian cusses a lot-and I understand it fits with his character-it is a bit much some times though.I felt his inner battle with worthlessness was described too repetitively and found myself skipping ahead because of it in a few places.This is a good book though.I really like this author.

There are many ways to improve yourself. One of the ways is through self hypnosis. This is a good book for anyone who is interested in using self hypnosis in any part of your life. This is a simple to read and easy to grasp book.

Great book per my 14 year old son. Great price on Amazon with free shipping, too.

Another great book to go with the first. I cant wait to find out what stunts Garth will pull In the next two books and who will win Izzy's heart. ;)

I now know that if I want to read a series I need to buy them all together such as with this series. There was no waiting period between books and it seemed more cohesive this way. These are pretty good books, easy reads, that force you into a whole new world.

I have been reading on EMDR out of curiosity, and this is great book. Some of the psych terminology is a little over my head since I don't know anything about psychology, but they're easily researched. This has a lot of great info on the subject and is easy to read. These are sort of like case studies put in layman's terms.

Truly a great book with an incredible level of using the English language to make you feel the dust and degradation of the spirit.. Steinbeck is a wordsmith with incredible insight into the soul.

great book I liked the action well delveloped hero I think. I wouls rate it an excellant book just the right length

*Hangs head in shame*This is one of my favorite books. It's light and fluff reading. Yes, you want to smack Cathy, or Cath-er-ine, and whack some sense into Chris's brain, but you gotta love this one. It never gets old!

Great book will be reading the other books by this author as well . Funny and romantic a great mix

Experienced designers, working for 3 or more years on their own business would have similar experiences. This is a good book because it captures the author's experience well and could form the road map for someone starting out.

Great book, a lot of detail and information about all characters involved in the story. and back story. smelled great too!

I love Grisham legal novels, but have actually not liked much of what he has done outside this theme.. until now.. Great book, cant put it down once u start.

Beautiful creatures is a great book. Easy to read and a good story which is well worth reading. I would recommend it for light reading.

This is a great book, the only reason I gave four stars was because the print was so small and even though I made it as big as I could it was still awefully small.

I have been an organic veggie gardener and backyard chicken owner for over 5 years BUT I am new to permaculture. My overall opinion is that this is a good book for those of us with not-much land and who are fairly new to homesteading and/or permaculture. I borrowed it for "free" with my Prime membership. I think it's worth the $3 if you really are a newbie.

One of the best books I have read. Has you on the seat of your pants through the whole book. You won't want to put it down until your done.

There is not much story here and the characterizations it depends on lack interest. With so many good books to read, I advise to spend those precious hours reading something else.

This was a great book. Obviously well researched. Loved the parallel storyline. Have already recommended it to several fiends. Ranks very high on my all time favorites. Postponed starting it because I thought it might be depressing. It definitely was not.

Great book! It has a lot of great new techniques for quilling. Highly recommended.

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