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One of my favorite books of the year. This one has stayed so vivid in my mind months later. Excellent writing, excellent characters.It's going in my keeper pile!

This was a pretty good book to read. I got into the characters and I already downloaded the next in the trilogy.

it is a good book, but it's the typical dad doesn't understand and daughter decides to get lost. The twists and turns and bad guys are written into a pretty good story. Worth the read.

Very good book. Had some nice twists and turns. I enjoyed it and will look for more books from this author.

This was a great book. I got lots of ideas from it, and lots of laughs also. Highly recommend it.

I think these may have been my sons' favorite books as babies and toddlers! The flap-lifting is so irresistable for little hands! Perfect.

This was the best book and part of a great series. Start at one and enjoy, enjoy. Book 5 comes out late June, and I really hate waiting that long. This is a "got to read series !!!

This is a really beautiful book (hardcover) that I purchased to give as a gift. My twin grandsons ( 3 years old) love to have this story read to them because they are obsessed with construction vehicles. The request is "Read it again!". It's a very good quality book with beautiful illustrations and it has helped me be able to describe the different vehicles that we see daily.

this is a fantastic book dealing with the unseen(by us anyway) or spiritual conflict of good and evil all around us,well worth reading ,it may give some a new perspective to ponder-john

i have stayed in bed and breakfast all over the country and they are great places to stay, you are with local people that can show you the area and you get a breakfast with the stay..which saves money in the morning getting breakfast. great book, also gives a certificate for a free night.

This is a Great book! Satisfying and easy to prepare recipes. I recommend it to anyone who has had difficulty losing weight.

Great book. It tells you what to do and what not to do. For example, your Arabic clients. Don't pick your nose in front of them.

This is good book, typical of the author well written and compulsive reading. I was interested as it focuses on area very close to where I grew up and it is very believable

One of my biggest gripes about buying digital books is having to search for the right genre only to find that a well reviewed books is 200 pages max...this is just me but I like a longer story with deeper character development and that is what we have here! Great books

Very nice and easy introduction to modern Physics which includes Relativity and Quantum physics and beyond. It is a nice book for someone who does not have Physics background but interested to know things.

I prefer westerns.Story line very easy to follow and a quick read.A good book for all western book lovers.

This is a good book but its companion Zoomigurumi 2 is better in my opinion. But, you would not go wrong with this one, the designs are cute.

This was a good book I did enjoy reading it. There were some parts that were a little carried out that could have been better worded. If you are looking for a steamy love story then this is a good book to read.

This is one of my all time favorite books. It really brings Paris to you.I have been to Paris but not nearly enough time there and this gives you such an idea of things to experience.,

Great book about an older main character and how life can throw you unexpected surprises. Would love for the author to write a follow-up.

I sometimes read stories about service dogs. This one was way too self absorbed. Too long. Since I also have a back disability, I understand the difficulties that creates in a person's like. It'd be a good book, if it were shorter, and if the writer had found more to say about service dogs & less to say about himself.

This is a good book, the story's are a little short can't wait to read the next story in the series..

This is a fantastic book with good writing, a great plot, hot scenes and I loved every minute. HOT firemen?! Yes please!!

This is a moving, beautiful book that everyone can relate to even though it's culture-specific. I couldn't put it down.

It takes a while anymore to find a good book. So many have flooded the market with romances disguised as fantasy or copycat books with edit problems that just take up space... well Fated starts a series that is well worth the read! A good plot, good characters, and a novel enough twist on the urban fantasy genre to feel fresh and interesting. Highly recommended!

Great book. A little on the preachy side but the plot is structured well and the characters are well drawn. The writing is exceptional straight through to the end.

I vaguely remember the movie from when I was a kid...I didn't watch it, it was too inappropriate for me back then. As an adult now this sparked some interesting discussion between me and my husband. Great book! One of my favorite books I have downloaded I think.

This was a darn good book! Could not put it down! Great book, go get it, order it, whatever, just get it!!!!

I think this was a very good book. It was very interesting the way it was written and very exciting. I think it is a good read for anybody wanting to know the story about the storm and how it affected Isaac and the people living in Galveston at that time.

Best book I've read recently. Couldn't put it down. Wow just think about how much trouble these 2 managed so quickly. Can't wait for next edition. EXCELLENT deborahbates

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